“Fairies of the Field” exhibition opens at Irvine Nature Center

Faries of the FieldMarch 20, 2016 – Congratulations Rose Anderson @rosekanderson on the opening reception today for your “Fairies of the Field” exhibition. We are proud to attend the FABULOUS event and encourage everyone to join us in experiencing the awesome photos you created in part to raise awareness about what we can do to protect these beautiful creatures. The exhibition runs  March 16th through May 9th at the Irvine Nature Center located at 11201 Garrison Field Road, Owings Mills, Maryland. Contact: [email protected]

About: Why keep meadows wild? Who lives in those messy fields of wildflowers and tall grasses? Let’s take a look! Rose Anderson uses digital effects to turn photographs into lively photo illustrations that show birds and butterflies from a childlike point of view: low to the ground, up close and personal with nature. Old paintings, old book covers, and unrestored Victorian frames give a nostalgic feel to the magical world of Maryland’s real fairies. Be inspired to help protect these tiny creatures before they too become faded memories.