Background and Mission

SOGAA is a non-profit 501 (c) (3) social/service organization for black men who love men founded in Baltimore, Maryland which is dedicated to enhancing the social, economic, physical and mental wellness of its members and community. Founded on the principles of brotherhood, leadership, activism, community and knowledge – SOGAA is committed to collaborating with fun-loving and forward thinking individuals and organizations regionally and globally.
SOGAA’s motto is: Kweli upendo wa kindugu “true brotherly love” Our name is derived from the Spanish word soga “meaning rope” which denotes unity. SOGAA’s mission is to facilitate the coming together of individuals (represented as stings) to strengthen our collective utility (represented as the rope). The SOGAA colors are Red, for the blood and struggle of the people – Black for the color of the people  – Green for the land of the people. It’s the symbol of hope – for a liberated future of which our ancestors spoke.